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Discovering Cees Nooteboom’s Berlin – Part 2

I’ve written another piece for the MacLehose Press blog – about Berlin and International Translation Day: I have left my hometown of Amsterdam to come to Berlin for a few weeks to work on my translation of Cees Nooteboom’s book Berlijn, his account of his time spent in Germany from the years before the fall […]
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Discovering Cees Nooteboom’s Berlin

I’ve written a piece for the MacLehose Press blog about my stay in Berlin and following in Cees Nooteboom’s footsteps: “Conquering a city. Just like a real war, it begins with topographic maps, reconnaissance. Friends provide covert intelligence. The house serves as the base of operations, and always offers the option of strategic retreat. The […]
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What I Did Last Summer

Well, it’s the beginning of September and I have that back-to-school feeling. New pencil case! And books! Hoorah! That said, I’ve been rather busy with school this summer too… I took part in a fascinating weekend workshop for literary translators in Leuven, sponsored by the Expertisecentrum Literair Vertalen. It was aimed at literary translators from […]
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